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 Image of John Humphries and Andria Spindel

Every year the Annual Report provides an opportunity to comment on whether the goals we set were achieved, whether we met challenges that set us back or required us to revise our plans. In no other year, except 1991, did Ontario March of Dimes experience such a significant shift in financial operations as in 2011. The major reason was that we experienced the loss of a major contract for Employment Services when the Workers Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario opted to take case management services in house. Other contributing factors related to third party contracts, several of which were funded at levels below the true cost of service. Thus, layoffs occurred, offices were downsized and overall restructuring had to take place in our Employment Services Department. The positive is that we retained many great staff. Our focus has been in the morale of our employees while maintaining quality and continuity of service. Our staff were encouraged and supported to complete their professional accreditation and we continued to produce strong measurable results. The 2012-13 year will be one of reconfigured Employment Services, renewed contract bidding, efficiencies in existing service delivery and a strong focus on outcomes for our clients.
Other programs grew and more people were served in all programs. Consumer satisfaction ratings remained high. An exercise in strategic planning began and a new five-year plan with input from across the agency, will be presented to the Board of Directors next March. Despite the challenges mentioned above for Employment Services, March of Dimes fulfilled or exceeded the goals set in the 2008-13 Strategic Plan.
 FICCDAT 2011, the Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging and Technology, was a big success, bringing together 1100 people from multiple disciplines and countries to six concurrent conferences organized and hosted by March of Dimes Canada and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. This has set the stage for March of Dimes to be recognized as a world leader in support for rehabilitation research, innovative services, advanced social and health policies, and partnerships with many sectors. Arising from this, our organization spearheaded an expert panel to develop the Toronto Declaration on Bridging Knowledge, Policy and Practice in Aging and Disability now available in thirteen languages. This annual report highlights our results, new initiatives, volunteers, leadership activities in the disability sector, and provides a Management Discussion and Analysis covering important corporate risks and business practices that mitigate those risks. We thank all of the dedicated staff, volunteers and donors, as well as corporate and government funders, and we welcome your feedback.
Andria Spindel, President and C.E.O.
John Humphries, Chairman of the Board
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