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David Logan and Don King
It is hard to say good bye to some people. Those who impact your life in remarkable and meaningful ways, those who teach you life lessons, those who demonstrate care and compassion - those are people whose impact can never be forgotten. So, it is with deep respect, admiration and appreciation that I say “good bye and thank you” to two very special, long- serving board members, whose friendship I will continue to cherish. 

In 2013 Don King, former MODC Board member and Chair, founding Chair of our Non-Profit Housing Corporation, retired after 40 years as a volunteer with March of Dimes, and in 2014 David Logan, also a Board member of both corporations and a past Chair of both, retired after 35 years with March of Dimes. It’s amazing that so many years have gone by and never did either waiver in their support of our organization and the clients we serve. 

Don King had an illustrious career in accounting, finance and real estate, and he used that expertise to benefit March of Dimes, first serving as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, then as Vice Chair (he recruited me in 1981!), then as Chair during which time he helped develop a volunteer infrastructure that oversaw all of our programs and went beyond just considering finances. When the opportunity arose to seek provincial funding for non-profit supportive housing, he took a leadership role in creating a new entity so that MODC would be eligible for capital funds, and he saw through the development of our first accessible, affordable apartment building. Later he also negotiated the purchase of land to allow us to build in Sudbury. 

Don was insightful in his guidance, and pushed an agenda of accountability, watching that every dollar gave value. I will never forget that when I put forward my updated job description, highlighting all the key responsibilities of an executive, he took one hard look and said, “Where is your most important responsibility - making life better for people with physical disabilities?” Needless to say, I rewrote my job description and have kept his message at the forefront of my daily life. 

David Logan was an esteemed professor for many years, a biomedical researcher and teacher extraordinaire. He served on other boards and was even Toronto School Board Budget Chair at one time, but I think he always had a special love for March of Dimes. He was quick to volunteer for every task and served as Chair of almost every committee over his volunteer career with us including: Professional Advisory, Community Development, Conference Chair, Research and Evaluation, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Fund Raising. He helped establish our Non-Profit Housing Corporation and our U.S. based charity, Rehabilitation Foundation for Disabled Persons. David brought forward many new initiatives, not the least of which was the creation of an endowment in the name of the late Minister of Health and Welfare, Paul Martin Sr., and then the Jonas Salk Award for scientific achievement. 

Throughout his many years with March of Dimes, David had opportunities to present to the Board, helping everyone to understand how scientific breakthroughs are changing the world, positively affecting the future, and extending the lives of people with disabilities. He participated in many long days of fundraising analysis in years when fundraising was a huge struggle, and he gave encouragement to all staff when things seemed bleak. In fact, David used humour well to encourage me personally, and would always find positives in everyday life to overcome what seemed big challenges.

On behalf of MODC -
Thank you Don and David!

Andria Spindel

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