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Annual Report 2014


It is startling how many new and exciting things happen every year at March of Dimes Canada, and the year of 2014-15 was no exception. Given all that we do, all whom we serve, all the events we produce and our sources of support, we want to recognize in this year’s Annual Report that we do it all by engaging with others. When we succeed, we meet our own goals and quality measures, but we don’t do it alone. Throughout this report, you will read about the impact of engagement, and about some of our many partners, affiliates, shared resources, and volunteers. We thank all who make it possible for March of Dimes Canada and our subsidiary non profit housing corporation, to be the best we can be.
Andria Spindel, President and CEO           Blair Roblin, Chair, Board of Directors


 MODC President and CEO Andria Spindel's Welcome


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​2013-2018 Strategic Plan Update

MODC’s five year strategic plan, Supporting Lifespan Community Living, recognizes that people increasingly wish to remain in their own homes, as active community participants, throughout their lives. This goal is aligned with our vision of creating an inclusive society and our mission to maximize the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with physical disabilities. 

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    two years into the plan >>​


Over the past three years, March of Dimes Canada has transitioned into a national charitable organization building our brand in Canada. These have been years of unusually strong financial performance, which exceeded our expectations and permitted the organization to build reserves, and invest in material growth and infrastructure. We look forward, with cautious optimism, to expanding services into new communities across all provinces, building new alliances and partnerships, and increasing resources, all with the goal of bringing the services of MODC to Canadian residents with disabilities, wherever they reside, and creating a society where Canadians everywhere have equal access to all services, facilities, information, and feel a high degree of inclusion and independence.​



Green IndicatorGREEN       indicates targets were achieved or exceeded.

Yellow IndicatorYELLOW    indicates results fell short or were unresolved.

Red IndicatorRED           indicates significant shortfalls or threats to success that need to be highlighted and addressed. 

Financial Result
​ Green Indicator
Gross revenues grew by 11% over prior year while net surplus exceeded budget by 263% and forecast by 147%.
Program Results
​ Green Indicator
Program funding grew by 11.1%, the number of consumer services expanded by 7.5% to over 60,000 and the number of service hours delivered grew by 10.9% to 3,324,382 hours.
Fund Development
​ Green Indicator
Fund Development’s net revenue was slightly higher than the previous year, despite a heavy investment in donor acquisition.
​ Green Indicator
Total expenditures were below budget and forecast, and administrative expenses dropped from 6.9% to 6.5% of total expenses.
​ Green Indicator
The total net achieved over the past three years is equal to the total for the preceding 15 years. This helps meet reserve requirements and will fund new initiatives in the coming years.


Independent Living Services grew by $3 million in new program funding for seniors and people with complex care needs. 

Employment Services grew by 27.7% and new contracts secured will grow the program in 2015-2016 by another 10.7%. 

The Home and Vehicle Modification Program did not grow, but received ISO 9001-2008 certification. 

The ​Passport Program grew by $2.65 million in funding for consumers, and the numbers of consumers served grew by 15.2%. 

The MODMobility® transportation service increased the number of passengers carried, but travel and holiday program numbers were lower than planned due to consumer costs. 

Life Skills and Transitional Services continued to grow through the addition of two Thunder Bay programs transferred to this program department from employment services. 

The Hospital Visitation Programs continued to grow with new hospitals and rehabilitation centres participating. 

Conductive Education® programs expanded in Western Canada, but service numbers were down overall due to staff vacancies.

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​​Administration and Governance 

MODC has strong systems and administrative departments that ensure good and efficient financial stewardship while raising the funds required to provide essential services to people with disabilities across Canada. In 2014-2015, our gross administrative expenditures represented 6.5% of total expenditures, one of the lowest percentages in our sector. 

​​Financial Statements and Analysis

2014-2015 was an excellent financial year for MODC. Gross revenue increased by 11.2% over 2013-2014 and generated a net operating surplus of $1.55 million, exceeding the budgeted surplus target by 163%. Net surplus was 27% higher than the prior fiscal year. 

In 2014-2015, of the total expenditures, 90.7% were spent on direct service delivery, 2.8% on fundraising, and 7.0% on administration and amortization. Total assets as of March 31, 2015 were $25.50 million, up from $22.05 million the previous year. Cash and restricted cash were $12.8 million, up from $10.2 million. Working capital is at $7.29 million, up from $5.74 million at the same time last year. 

Total capital purchases were $498,865; $212,444 was financed from funded programs and $286,421 from the donor funded annual capital budget. Amortization for the latter was $376,020.

Total Assets
Total Assets
Total Liabilities and
Fund Balances​​​​​
Total Liabilities and Fund Balances  
Revenue by Source​
Revenue by Source
Expenses by Category
Expenses by Category  

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    Financial Activity


​​2014-2015 Board of Directors 

Board of Directors

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​​Awards and Grants

Each year, at our Annual Festival of Recognition, we acknowledge and celebrate those individuals and organizations that contribute to fulfilling our mission. 

Award winners
2014-2015 Award Winners from Annual Festival of Recognition

​​Thank You to Our Donors

March of Dimes Canada relies on the generosity of donors to help fund our programs. We extend our sincere appreciation to all donors. 

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