Accessible Voting in Canada

Research has demonstrated that some groups tend to vote less than the mainstream Canadian population, including electors with disabilities.  Elections Canada is committed to ensuring accessibility to the electoral process for this group.  To do so, Elections Canada has undertaken extensive research and consultations to know how they can better reach, accommodate and provide access to voters with disabilities.

Elections Canada has been successful in implementing many of these recommendations to ensure that all Canadian have fair and equal access to political participation.

Elections Canada and Accessibility:
Elections Canada is committed to being responsive to the needs of Canadians of all abilities and working to accommodate voters and employees with disabilities.  Elections Canada is committed to adopting the following principles in projects and services.
  • Design for choice and flexibility - by thinking inclusively.
  • Educate and inform Canadians using plain language.
  • Provide Canadians with modern and convenient ways to access information, register and vote.
  • Improve the voting experience and make it easier to participate by removing barriers.
  • Support the independence, and respect the dignity of people with disabilities.
Accessibility Advisory Committee:
Further  to their commitment to ensuring that all Canadians have the opportunity to vote, Elections Canada has created a Disability Advisory Committee. This committee is mostly made up of leaders of disability organizations and experts in their field.  the purpose of this advisory group is to provide expertise on subject matters related to accessibility to Elections Canada and to consult with Elections Canada when the agency designs or implements programs.

Training for Staff:
To better accomplish and enforce these principles, Elections Canada provides training for all returning officers and election workers across the country on accessibility and sensitivity towards people with disabilities.

The training program take into consideration the time constraints associated with training electoral officers and incorporates in-class and online training.  Online training modules, including videos, are fully accessible and have been tested by people with disabilities.  Elections Canada accessibility training
  • Makes election workers aware of accessibility tools at the polling places.
  • Provides tips on how to maintain these accessibility features.
  • Makes election workers aware of various tools available to voters.
  • Educates the elections workers  on how to approach a ​ voter who may require assistance.


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