May is Stroke Recovery Awareness Month



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• May is the annual Stroke Recovery Awareness Month in Ontario

Every ten minutes a Canadian will have a stroke.  There are over 300,000 stroke survivors in Canada. Stroke affects not only the survivor, but the entire family, loved ones and friends. Everyone has to learn to adjust to the ‘new normal’ which may include permanent physical disability, communication disorders such as aphasia and emotional difficulties, including depression.

Stroke Recovery Canada®, a program of March of Dimes Canada, is reaching out to stroke survivors asking them to send in their stories of what motivated and helped them in their stroke recovery journey. March of Dimes will share the stories on its website and Facebook page, to reach out and connect to other survivors, providing inspiration and hope.

Stroke Recovery Canada® helps stroke survivors across the country to more easily re-engage in their communities, and affirm that there is meaningful and quality life after a stroke. 

With May designated as Stroke Recovery Awareness Month, March of Dimes has increased its efforts to educate the public about stroke recovery. The program is a national service offering post-recovery support, education and programs for stroke survivors, their families and health care providers. Through its work with local peer support groups, March of Dimes offers survivors the tools to survive and thrive after a stroke.

For information or to join Stroke Recovery Canada call the Warmline® at 1-888-540-6666 or visit the Stroke Recovery Canada website at

To send in your story, please email


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