Stand Up for Conductive Education

• February 19 is National Conductive Education Day across North America

Across the continent there are millions of children and adults who could be learning how to become more mobile, independent and self-confident with a dynamic learning system called Conductive Education®.​

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, the member organizations that comprise The Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) will be celebrating Conductive Education Day. ACENA is the representative of the programs and professionals providing Conductive Education services within the North American Continent. ACENA acknowledges and promotes the practice of Conductive Education. The cities of Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax have proclaimed February 19, 2015 as National CE Day.

To celebrate the day in Toronto, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, participants will be ‘Standing Up for CE’ – raising funds from family and friends to support a challenge where they will complete a physical skill that they have learned to complete in conductive education classes - such as “standing up”.

“We recognize Conductive Education Day as a way of raising awareness of this very important and innovative program,” says Brent Page, Conductive Education Manager for March of Dimes Canada. “It is our hope to expand CE to anyone in Canada – and moreover, North America, who might be able to reap the benefits from it,” he continues.

Developed over sixty years ago in Hungary by Dr. András Peto, Conductive Education (CE) maximizes the independence and mobility of children and adults with disabilities like stroke survivors, and those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injuries, Parkinson's disease and spina bifida. Participants in Conductive Education classes are empowered by the professionals who facilitate classes to build on their current skills and abilities and are also taught strategies and techniques to overcome the daily challenges their condition presents.

CE has the potential to transform lives, like four-year-old CE participant Chenoa, who participates in the Early Intervention Program, in Toronto, Ontario.  

“Our daughter, Chenoa, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy before her second birthday. For Chenoa, cerebral palsy made walking impossible. Thanks to the amazing work of the entire team at March of Dimes and their Conductive Education Program, Chenoa is building new connections in her brain, and is slowly beginning to walk. We are so happy and lucky to have the opportunity to work with this special group of Conductors, Teachers, Volunteers, an amazing team all together. Thank you,” says Chenoa’s mother, Christina.
Stand Up for CE will also help participants attending March of Dimes led Conductive Education Spring Break Camps in Nova Scotia and Edmonton, Alberta.

It is believed that Conductive Education has the potential to make a significant, life-changing impact on the mobility and independence of close to nine million people in Canada and the United States. Millions more will also indirectly benefit – spouses, parents and caregivers – by having their loved one become more independent, motivated and self-sufficient.

March of Dimes Canada is a nationally registered charitable organization providing support services to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers across Canada.  For more information please visit, e-mail or call 1-800-263-3463.

The Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) is the representative of the programs and professionals providing conductive education services within the North American Continent. ACENA acknowledges and promotes the practice of conductive education.

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