May is Stroke Recovery Month

May is Stroke Recovery Awareness Month get involved and share 

Every ten minutes a Canadian will have a stroke. There are over 300,000 stroke survivors in Canada. Stroke affects not only the survivor, but the entire family, loved ones and friends as they adjust to the ‘new normal’ which may include permanent physical disability, communication disorders such as aphasia and emotional difficulties, including depression.

Stroke Recovery Canada®, a program of March of Dimes Canada, helps stroke survivors across the country to more easily re-engage in their communities, and affirm that there is meaningful, quality life after a stroke.

For Stroke Recovery MonthShare your story and inspire others!


We want to hear what the turning point was in your stroke recovery journey. Please share your story and help provide inspiration to other Canadians learning to survive and thrive after a stroke.

We will post your (short) messages of inspiration and hope on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Videos and photos are welcome. 

Email us about your stroke recovery turning pointClick here to email us what was your turning point in your stroke recovery journey.?

Bret HartBret Hart's Turning Point:
"I had my stroke after falling from my bicycle riding the pathways of Calgary on June 24, 2002. It was only one week away from my 45th birthday and, within seconds, my life changed drastically - from being Bret "Hitman" Hart to being as helpless as a baby. ... For me, there was a distinct turning point that came just as the summer ended. On September 4, while my wheelchair was being loaded up into a car, I sat in the passenger's seat. I flipped the visor down and stared at my drooped-down face, like I had been doing since my stroke. Every day, I gazed into that mirror and my left eye was wide open. I hadn't been able to blink since my stroke. That day, I looked into my own eyes and, lo and behold, one of my first real miracles came from a simple blink of my left eye. As small a victory as that was, I believe that was my turning point and I realized that new pathways in my brain were being formed. As I write this now, I can smile proudly at the short note that I wrote that day: "No fear, lots of hope." 

- Bret Hart


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