Winners of the Montreal Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative Tablet Give Away

To help Montreal residents with physical disabilities improve their community access and participation, March of Dimes Canada, through the Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative, was​ proud to present three winning candidates with iPads and Galaxy tablet certificates at the Rock for Dimes Montreal fundraiser on November 20th, in addition to four other winning candidates who were unable to be at the event. The tablets will come with customized apps and someone to teach them how to use the software to increase their independence and quality of life.  

AMTI Montreal winner Bradley
AMTI Montreal winners Morgan and Jude
AMTI winner Bradley Heaven with family
and MODC President and CEO Andria Spindel
AMTI winners Morgan Asinowski and Jude Ethier
with Andria Spindel and Adam Cieply

Winners of the Montreal Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative:

​Angel Carvajal: Angel in his 60s and lives with Parkinson's disease which has resulted in considerable difficulties in his speech. His speech challenges have become extremely detrimental to his social and familial interactions. The tablet will improve his community access and increase his self-esteem. 

Morgan Asinowski: Morgan is 19-years-old and has Familial Dysautomia (FD), which has significantly impacted his mobility and vision. He would like to be trained on a tablet to interact with family and friends, become less reliant on his family, and achieve a greater sense of independence.

Karen Desjardins: Karen is in her 50s and lives with cerebral palsy which has affected her breathing and speech. She will use the tablet to improve her ability to socialize with family and friends and the community.

Gabriel Lafond: Gabriel is in his early 20s and is a paraplegic from a spinal cord lesion. In his own words, "Having the smart tablet would change my life in several respects. The table would enable me to improve my social contacts, be more active on social networks to make new friends, weigh in on group discussions with others (particularly subjects such as living with a disability, sharing life experiences and counseling) and maybe even do a blog! ...To summarize, the tablet would improve my quality of life and would enable me to communicate more easily and would give me back a certain degree of independence.”

Jude Ethier: Jude has had spastic dysarthria since 2002 which is getting worse. As a result, he has challenges communicating. He has returned to school, but the professors and students find it difficult to understand him - and this is also an issue at his job. The tablet will provide a lightweight solution (that is much less cumbersome than a laptop) to communicating at school, at work, and when he is in the community.

Bradley Heaven: Bradley is 19-years-old and living with cerebral palsy. The tablet will help him better communicate with his support team and caregivers, and in school. He will feel much safer and independent knowing he can use the tablet to express his needs.

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