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Bariatric Commode Chair
Bed-Bug-Proof Risers
Elevated Bed Frame - Assist Pole
Table Tray for Chrome Arm Chair
Raise Computer Desk
Over-the-Bed Table
Elevate Transfer Disk and Bed
Trapeze Assist - Pole
Accessible Change Table
Mobile Kitchen Stool
Ladder-back chairs for CE
Adjustable Activity Desk

Green and Yellow Chairs
Sofa Lift
Garden planting Bed
Steel / Solid Deck Hospital Bed Controller
New Hospital Bed
Eating Tray
Powered hospital bed, head lift and elevate controls
New Hospital Bed & Controls
Sofa & Ottoman Lift

Bariatric Comm​​ode Chair

Bariatric Chair 

Request: Client required a custom bariatric commode chair with a strong frame.

Solution: using 3/4" baltic birch ply for the deck, 3/4"x1-1/2" & 1" square steel tube & asst ply pieces, a chair was fabricated to handle her weight. The commode has  adjustable legs, curved back support and swing-out chamber cover.

Bed-bug-proof Risers

Bed Bug-Proof Bed Blocks  

Request: Client needed Bedbug-proof bed blocks to raise her new metal bedframe.

Solution: Using 3Pcs of 3/4" x 1-1/2" steel tube welded together for the vertical spacers, and then inserted into 3" tube sleeves. Then the aluminium pieces were painted and skid-proof uni-cell foam was mechanically attached to the bottoms. The risers are very stable and open-ended for inserting bug-spray.


Elevated Bed Frame - Assist Pole

Elevated Bed Frame-Assist pole  

Request: Client had problem getting in & out of bed. P.T. had recommended elevation of the bed frame and adding an assist pole

Solution: Steel frame raised bed 5-1/2"  and side studs hold pole without the need to fasten to the floor or ceiling. The pole can be located on either side of bed. Black melamine inserts were cut to fit frame and match the existing foating bed box design. Improved clients ability to get in and out of bed independantly.


Table Tray for C​hrome Arm Chair

Table Tray for Chronic Arm  

Request: Client needed an easy-to-use tray table for his chrome arm chair used for for eating & reading.

Solution: 3/8" baltic birch ply with laminate top was attached to a steel  tube frame.  The table can swing-up and out of the way when not in use.


Raised Computer Desk - 3" Lifts

Set for Desk and 3 inch lifts  

Request: A client with a power wheelchair was unable to comfortably access her computer desk.

Solution: A set of 3" lifts were made from 3/4" & 1/4" baltic birch for attachment around the base of the desk. An alternate keyboard sill with laminate top was added, instead of existing keyboard drawer slide.


Over-the-Bed Trapeze

image of Over-the-Bed Trapeze  

Request: Re-assessing clients ability after installing over-the-bed trapeze, a second ceiling-mounted unit was recommended.

Solution: 5/8” steel tube was bent to form a triangle, and then welded. 1” chain with a French connecting link was attached to 3/8” ceiling-mounted eye. Eye was connected to 2” X 8” spanning ceiling joints in the attic for stability. Provides extra positioning for client to move from bed to commode to manual wheelchair.


Transfer Disc Assembly & Bed

image of Transfer Disc Assembly and Bed  

Request: Occupational therapist requested elevating of both the transfer disc assembly & bed for teenage client.

Solution: Using 5/8” baltic birch, two cashew-shaped blocks were cut-out & assembled for the transfer disc. Bed blocks with removable insets were also assembled.


Trapeze Assist - Pole

Image of a Trapeze Assist - Pole  ​

Request: Client needed a trapeze to fit over her dresser, next to her bed. She had difficulty getting out of bed & reaching the commode chair.

Solution: An assist-type pole was fabricated to attached to the upper-corner of her bedroom wall to support an over-hung gusseted channel with an adjustable trapeze. Unit fits behind dresser and does not interfere with drawers. It provides support/assistance for client.


Accessible Change Table

Image of an Accessible Change Table      Image of an Accessible Change Table   

Request: Client needed an accessible change table.

Solution: Baltic birch desk/change table top was fabricated and attached to a steel tube frame. The top is cantilevered to allow wheelchair access. Change table accomodates a standard "u" shaped cushion to cradle the child. Desk can adjust as the child grows and has a clearance height of 19-1/2"  up to 30-1/2" .


Mobile Kitchen Stool

Mobile Kitchen Stool

Request: A stool that can support and assist the user to move around the kitchen to access her cupboards, drawers, fridge and oven from a seated position. 

Solution: A custom adjustable stool was constructed from baltic birch and is equiped with four legs and locking casters. A  stick comes as an accessory to this stool to reach and lock the casters from a seated position. Once locked the chair arms can offer support to stand. The seat swivels for increased mobility and access.


Ladder-back Chairs for Conductive Education

Ladder Back Chairs for Condutive Education 

Request: 2 ladder back chairs were requested from the MODC Conductive Education program for therapeutic use.

Solution:  Two chairs were constructed in baltic birch in two heights to design specifications.


Adjustable Activity Desk

 Adjustable Activty Desk

Request: A custom designed table was required to fit over the clients large chair and to accommodate various activities.

Solution: A table was custom designed to adjust in angle and height to fit over clients existing large chair. The work surface is easy to clean and has a lip to catch items from falling.


Corner Chair with  Anti-Tip Mechanism


Request: A custom corner chair was requested to support a child.

Solution: The corner chair was made from baltic birch and padded using a foam tube in the centre and cut foam tiles on the sides. The sides can adjust to increase support.

Lazy-boy Chair Assist


Request: A client who uses their lazy boy chair to sleep in required extra padding to prevent sliding forward.

Solution: Extra padding covered in vinyl was applied to the foot rest section of the chair.  this provided a washable raised surface for pushing against to resist sliding forward.


Favourite Chair Side Support

Favourite Chair Side Support

Request: Panel to support the client on the right side.

Solution: A vinyl padded panel was custom made and installed on the right side of the chair to support the client.


Custom Chair for Student 

Request: A 13-year old boy needed to have his school chair adjusted to fit his growing frame. It needed to be larger in both height and width and to have back support. The desk that is being used with the chair also needed adjusting to suit the new height.

Solution: ​It was easier to build a brand new chair base than to fiddle with the existing structure. A new base was made out of birch ply, with 5 position height adjustment and a rear extended mounting for the back support. New 1 1/4' steel tube legs were attached to the existing side panels and Teflon slides were added to the leveling feet to allow the chair to move with ease. A steel splice raised the rear back support and allowed for an additional 2' of adjustment.  A grab handle was installed on the back of the chair for moving.



Request: A client needed help getting up from the side of her bed and requires support while standing.

Solution: A standing frame was constructed from baltic birch that hooks under the frame of the bed. This secures the stand as the person pulls on the frame and mounted handles to stand up. Once standing the frame supports and cushions her arms and has a book rest for holding reading material.


Raised Table 

Request: To raise clients kitchen table for wheelchair access.

Solution: ​4 wood blocks were made to fit the existing table legs and raise the table to accomodate the clients wheelchair.  Client can now access the kitchen table with ease.



Request: Acquired brain injury client could not get out onto her balcony.  Had need for substantial steps with railings.

Solution: Using steel tubing and 12GA steel shelves, a set of steps were welded to suit her needs.  Extremely stable, the steps suit the vertical requirements, straddle and baseboard heater are very visible in safety yellow.

Request: Clients son needed more space for his stuff. He games and reads in bed. Could we help?

Solution: ​Assembled a small 2-tier bookshelf from 1/2" MDF. This was attached to foot of the bed with HD brackets. 

​Request: Client needed a double bed frame, with power up/down action. 

Solution: ​A recycled hospital bed frame was aquired, stripped and re-built to handle a 54" wide X 72" long mattress. A new 3/4" baltic birch deck, along with steel angle supports provided strength and safety. A new two-button up/down control finished the project. 

Request: A very active teen needed a substantial, non-tipping "over-the-bed" style table.  

Solution: ​Using a bariatric design (March 2009), heavy-wall steel tube was welded to provide a very stable, wide-footprint base. 3/4" baltic birch ply was covered with laminate for the top. 

green_chair.jpg     yellow_chair.jpg


Sofa Lift

Request: European art-moderne style sofa and two chairs were too low for the client. Simple lift blocks won't fit. Long side support needed. Also, furniture somewhat fragile and expensive. 

Solution: ​3/4" MDF twin rails were assembled and faced with 3/8" baltic birch ply. Around-the-corner design provided full support for ends of each piece. Adjustable cross-ties were used to eliminate possible slipping away of each unit. 
Adjustable ties allowed for snug-fitting and zero-slope in sitting furniture on lifts. 3/8" round dowel detail on corners minimized end-grain. 

bed_guard.jpg     bed_guard2.jpg 
Request: Eldery mother moved in with caregiver/daughter and sleeps in her antique bed.  This is not safe as she can easily fall out of bed in throughout the night which creates anxiety and sleepless nights for the family.

Solution: Replaced the old hardwood support slats with 3/4" baltic birch plywood. This made a stable attachment for the angle brackets and wood facing. A recycled swing-away bed rail was mounted without damaging the antique. 
​Mom is alot safer and her daughter can get a full night's sleep.   


Garden Planting Bed

Garden Planting Bed
Request: A young lady needed to continue her gardening activiity; could we help?

Solution: Using a multiple-planter concept, three pressure-treated lumber stands were cut & assembled to provide a "u" shaped garden.  Connected together, they provide stability and easy access to all the various pots.  A sliding seat fits between the 3-planter sections to enable rest periods, but still keep the gardener within reach of all the pots. 


Steel / Solid Deck Hospital Bed Controller

Multi Button Controller for Bed
Request: Veteran client needed a hospital bed with solid deck to properly handle his soft mattress & a new multi button controller (easy to read and large buttons)

Solution: A recycled steel-deck carroll style bed was acquired.  The three drive motors were okay; 110V.  The control system was broken.  Using a small control box, a six-button manual control pack was assembled and the easy to read buttons made operation simple. 


New Hospital Bed

New Hospital Bed
Request: Client needed a replacement bed with hospital features.  His existing bed was falling apart.

Solution: A Carroll bed frame was acquired.  The deck was rebuilt with heavy duty hinges and the controller was upgraded to improve life expectancy.  New casters finished the project. 


Eating Tray

A mature client wanted to eat in her room while seated in her power chair.

Solution: Perforated steel tubes were used for two angle sets and a receiver.  The receiver was attached under her power chair with welded brackets and "U" bolts.  The table top was 1/2" baltic birch ply and fastened to an adjustable angled piece fo tube.  The verticle adjustment was set with a hitch pin.


Powered hospital bed, head lift and elevate controls

(on foot board for PSW & bedside wall mount for client)

Hospital Bed
Request: Young lady needs a hospital bed.  Possibly with dual controls, bedside for head and foot and on the footboard for all three functions

Solution: A recycled carroll bed with defective controls was acquired.  It was re-wired with momentary-acting reversing switches to achieve the requested actions.


New Hospital Bed & Controls

Request: Mature client needed a hospital bed in his retirement residence.  Up and down and head were all he wanted and needed.

Solution: A recycled manual invacare bed was acquired.  Two recycled electric drive assemblies were added to provide power functions.  These were attached to NEW weld-on clips on the bedframe.  A new 2-button controller was wired in, with a covered power cable.  Velcro held the controller to the headboard.​

Sofa & Ottoman Lift

Request:  Client needed a solution as her sofa and ottoman were too low and it was difficult to sit down and get up from the sofa with ease.

Solution: A lift was built out of plywood and stained to match the wood detail on her sofa and ottoman.  It is now much easier for her to sit and relax and get up from the sofa with ease.  She can also put her feet up on the ottoman for extra comfort and relaxation. 


Art Easle / Holder

Request:  Client needed a solution as she loves painting and creating art but was unable to use a traditional style easel.  

Solution: An easel was built using plywood which can be used on any table top and can be easily moved to accomodate a new work area.  There is also an area for the client to rest her wrists while working.  The client was happy and has continued to enjoy painting.


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