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Medication Applicator
Image of Sponge Medication Applicator

Request: The client has arthritis and lives alone. She requested a method or device to help to apply daily medication to her back.

Solution: A sponge "paint type" roller with a long handle was modified to enable her to apply the medication herself.


Hair Dryer Holder 1

Request: A request for a device to hold a hair dryer above the clients head and in front of the mirror. The landlord did not permit any drilling or fastening to the existing tiles.

Solution: ​An adjustable wood holder was designed and fabricated to hold the clients hair dryer and to be installed above the existing medicine cabinet. This was an ideal location because the electrical socket was also located there and the metal cabinet was used as a base to fasten the hair dryer holder using powerful magnets. The shower curtain rod was also used to further secure the holder which can be adjusted to achieve the right angle for drying.


Hair Dryer Holder 2


Request: A client with arthritis requested a wall mounted hair dryer to be positioned over her head while seated. 

Solution: A wood bracket was fabricated that could hold the existing hair dryer and accomodate other models in the future. It was mounted on the wall and designed to pivot against the wall when not in use.

Hair Dryer Holder 3

Request: Client requested a counter mounted hair dryer holder to accomodate her short stature when not wearing her leg prosthetics. 

Solution: ​A triangular wood frame was built to accomodate a pivoting bracket that holds a standard hair dryer and can adjust in angle.


Nail Polish Applicator

Request: The client wanted to apply nail polish by holding the applicator in her mouth. The top was too small to both hold the applicator and see what she was doing. 

Solution: An extension was made that could be held in her mouth and fasten to a variety of nail polish tops. This addition allowed enough room to see the application.


Dressing Assistant


Request: Client with Rheumatoid Arthritis could not raise arms high enough to put her sweater tops over her head. 

Solution: The neck of the top is spread, and placed over the hooks on the rack, and she can put her head through and raise it with the top over her head and onto her shoulders.  Client is then able to get arms through and pull the top down and complete this basic daily activity. Rack has a 5 pound dumbbell weight sandwiched in the base, and non-slip pads on bottom.  A strip across the front bottom stops it from sliding back on the dresser.  Varnish finish.


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