Kitchen Projects

The DesignAbility Program has created hundreds of custom solutions for children and adults. Below are some examples of these unique furniture projects.

Cup Holder (Fold-Up)                         


Modified Knife

image of a Modified Knife

Request: The client had difficulty holding onto a knife due to arthritis. A wooden handle was attached to knife to make it easier to hold. 


Utensil Holder

Image of a Utensil Holder

Request: The client had difficulty holding onto utensils. Velcro was attached to a leather strap to keep it tight around the hand and a slot for inserting the utensil into was created.


Bowl Gripper

Image of a Bowl Gripper

Request: The client needed a "second hand" because a debilitating stroke left her without the use of her right hand .This device can be attached to any counter or table top with the use of a desk clamp's clamping mechanism.

Solution: ​Using a bamboo cutting board fitted with an adjustable holding mechansim; the device can be attached to any counter or table top wit the use of a desk lamp's clamping mechanism.  This device was created to be universal and can hold a variety of kitchen bowls and can be used by both left and right handed users.


Can Crusher

Image of a Can Crusher

Request: The can crusher was designed to make can crushing easier.


Coconut Shredder

Request: Client #1 (November 2002) asked if his new manual coconut shredder could be powered, since only one of his hands functions well.

Solution: ​Using a recycled electric drive motor from a hospital bed, some baltic birch plywood and a new variable speed controller, the project was completed. 


Cup Holder (Fold-Up)

Request: A mature client was having difficulty holding a take-out cup of hot chocolate. Could we make a fold-up cup holder with a solid loop for his hand.

Solution: ​Using two 4" square electrical utility boxes, the top and bottom were cut-out and drilled to accept standard cupboard door hinges. These were attached to a formed 3/16" PVC handle with 8-32 cabinet screws.  


Table Bar



Accessible Shelves


Request: Client had difficulty accessing his pantry shelves and wanted a cutting board that he could access and use. 

Solution: Using 1/2" baltic birch ply, 16" full-ext. drawer guides, new rubber-corner cutting board and burgundy laminate, three pull-out drawers were built to accomodate the client's needs. Easy-loop handles, full extension to reach the back, and laminate for easy clean-up. 


Cooker Mirror

Request: 'I want to see when it boils!'

Solution: ​Using 3/8" baltic birch, plexiglass mirror stock and brackets and trim, a cooking-school style adjustable mirror unit was fabricated. Swivel allows for proper positioning for cleitn/cook in power wheelchair.


Pull Out Fridge Shelves

Request: Client requested a set of three pull-out fridge shelves for daily use. 

Action: ​Using 16" X 24" wide white shelf, three baskets were formed with 4" sides. End pieces were added from extra material. 
16" full-extension sliders were welded to the metal lower cross-rods and flexible strapping handles were attached with p.e. retainer strips. 
Baskets were attached to existing shelves for easy removal. Ends prevent stuff from falling back when shelves are extended. 


Utensil Holder (Cutting)​

Request: Saw the sample of the Amazing Dimes Gizmo Knife at People-in-Motion. Could we make a set for his wife, a stroke victim. 

Solution: ​Duplicated the original design, using 3/16" heavier lexan. Swedish knives and twin velcro straps finished them off. Client is now able to cut her food again. 

Transfer Trolley

Request: Client needed a 'transfer trolley' for pots and pans from stove to table etc. 

Solution: ​Using melamine shelving, a triple-shelf 12" X 24" unit was built. two removable tiles were added to the top, along with walnut edging and towel holders for handles. Base extends under counter lip for stability and 4 casters make travel easy. 
Base has fives pieces of 5/8" off-cuts hidden inside for added weight to provide hard to tip design. All casters swivel for even travel. 


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