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​Puppy-Dog Steps 
​Puppy-Dog Steps
Request: The client had difficulty picking up their small dog and the dog need help getting up on to the sofa and to owner's lap.

Solution: Baltic birch was used to create short rise steps and a clear finish applied.

Feature: Stairs are easy to move around and reduces stress for both client and puppy.

Cat Bowl with Handle

Image of Cat Bowl Handle

Request:  The client found it too hard to bend down to refill her cat bowls. 

Solution:  A long dowel was attached to a board which holds the bowls to make the process of feeding the cats easier.


Portable Pet Food Dishes

Request:  The client was unable to easily refill food dishes for her pet(s) without spilling or losing balance.

Solution:  Similar to the original design of the Cat Bowl with Handle, the volunteer created a movable feeding area with long handle and large base to hold four feedling bowls.  The client can now easily lift and refill the bowls and place back onto the food area for easy feeding.  The base is also easy to clean if food or water should spill.

Portable Cat Play Area and Feeding Area
0701OMODrobincat 004.jpg

Request: Could we assist with an elevated feeding area for our clients cat?  The client needed to keep the floor area clear of debris, including the food and water dish for her cat.

Solution: A DesignAbility volunteer decided to build cat stairs that doubles as a play area for the cat.  The carpeted finished product was placed next to the table with the food dish and voila the cat can now easily access the new food dish location.  Client was very happy and so was the cat!

Sofa Protector

06Robin6 006mod.jpg0701OMODrobincat 001.jpg

Request: Clients cat was constantly stratching the side and bottom of sofa creating damage and loose fabric which created pulls and an unslightly mess.  The client could not afford to purchase a new sofa and needed something to alleviate the issue.  Getting rid of the cat was not an option.

Solution: A DesignAbility volunteer came up with a great solution.  By measuring the damaged areas; he was able to create protective pieces which were then secured to the sofa with screws.  All edges were sanded leaving no rough edges.  The bottom portion of the sofa was also protected using a large plastic base to cover the sofa legs.  The cat can no longer damage the furniture and the client is happy to have a sustainable and comfortable furniture.  The cat was also provided with a scratch post.

Cat Tools (Litter Box Clean Up)  

cat_tools.jpg0612Robin6 004.jpg
Request: Could we assist with longer, easy-to-use Litter Box tools?

Solution: Extension handles were added to the scooper and hook which assisted with cleaning the litter box with ease and easy access to the litter box.  The tools can be hung on the door or hooks at any height for easy accessibility. 


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