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Accessible Golf Cart (2016)

Golf Cart 2016.jpg

Golf Cart 2016-2.jpg

Request: A client who was no longer able to sit in or drive his golf cart needed help to modify to suit his current needs.  He uses this golf cart to travel throughout their trailer park / resort to socialize, etc.  Now that he can no longer drive it; he would love to ride shotgun!  Could we help?

Action: Volunteer Joe Toby was able to help.  A P.T. 5'x5' deck addition was provided along with a 10! fold up ramp to get Pete closer to the cart seat elevation for lateral transfer.  A new seating deck (3/4" maple plywood) was built with two new padded tractor seats.  An arm-rest steel frame was welded-up and attached; for positioning, pulling and holding Pete in place.  A heavy-duty 2" seatbelt finished the project.
Pete and Joy were again seen driving around their trailer park!

Recumbent Bike Modification

Modified Recumbant Bike 2016.jpg

Request: Client was having difficulting dismounting his recumbent bike.  Could we help?

Action: Volunteer Joe Toby was able to help.  A lift for the front wheel was built to raise it 8" off the ground; raising the seat 4" for a more level transfer.  A yellow PVC guide kept the front wheel straight, and provided a target.  12-V DC lift cylinder with 110-V power-pak back up through a simple switch allowed cyclist to raise and lower the unit at will.  Client found both on & off transfers greatly improved and was very comforable with the lift.

Dart Holder (for Cane & Rollator)

dart holder for rollator2.pngdart holder for cane2.png
Request: A client who is part of a local dart league needed something to help hold the darts as he used his cane for balance.  It had become increasingly difficult to stand for long periods of time while holding darts and trying to balance simaltaneously.  Could we help?

Action: Volunteer John Nogas came up with a great solution!  Using a metal soup can, a velcro strip with adhesive backing the removable dart holder can be attached to the cane (or rollator) at any time when needed.  This is very easy to remove once the dart game has ended and the cane is required solely for balance support.

Adaptable Paint Brush Holder

Request: The client loved to paint but was unable to grasp the paintbrush due to arthritis.  Could we help?

Action: Volunteer Philip Hang was able to deisgn and create a glove that enables the user to paint anytime she is feeling creative.  Using a glove and attaching velcro strips to hold the brush(es); the grasping is no longer an issue.  It is also quite simple to switch brushes by attaching any brush size to the velcro strip.  We are looking forward to seeing the wonderful works of art!

Oversized Cribbage Board
Cribbage Board.JPG
Cribbage Board1.jpg
Request: The client loved to play cribbage, but her eyesight made seeing the peg holes difficult.  She wanted a board which she could use, but would be small enough to take a friends house to play on.

Action: Volunteer Don Mackenzie created  a solution suing a larger scale board with larger holes that the client could see.  A six inch wide board was constructed from laminate flooring.  The 3/16" holes are visually twice as large as standard holes.  Wax was applied to the dowel pegs to make them easier to push in and pull out.  A container was added for the pins and the project is complete.  The client can now enjoy playing at her friend's home.


Cross Country Ski Pole Attachment

ski_glove_pole .jpg 
Request: The client who was born with a small hand that was not able to grasp a ski pole wanted to be able to cross country ski.

Solution: A custom grip was made from an oven hardening polymer clay. The grip was designed to cup a customized ski mitt and hold it in place. The shape of the clients hand allowed space at the end of the mitt and thumb which could be wrapped around the ski pole and fastened with velcro. This secured the mitt in place but allowed some movement required for cross country skiing. The initial mitt was too large and a few modifications were done before arriving at the final design. 


Piano Pedal Extension

Request: A client who loves to play the piano requested a solution to operating the piano pedals without the use of legs that can reach them.

Solution:  This client was not able to use the conventional pedals on the piano. A wooden extension was added to the existing pedals so that the client could use their leg to put pressure on an angled and padded surface. This surface comes close to the level of the seat-pan of the wheelchair where he can apply as much or as little pressure onto the pad which is then transferred to the pedal.  This solution gave the pianist control over the sound and continued pleasure with his hobby.

Adjustable Activity Desk
Request: The client spent most of his waking hours in a powered easy chair and could not sit at a regular table. A primary craft activity involved placing pegs in a pegboard. A table with a lip was needed to catch any dropped pegs. There was nothing on the market which could accomodate the large chair as well as eating and crafting activities.

Solution: ​A custom melamine and pine table was designed and constructed to fit the easy chair. 
The client now has a surface appropriate to the activities he wishes to engage in. The table is sturdy and easy to adjust, move or clean. 

Art Easel / Document Holder
Request:  An artist who used her mouth to paint needed something to hold her canvas.

Solution:  The volunteer designed a table top art easel.  Using a specific hinge from Lee Valley; it enabled the easel to tilt and be adjusted by the user in order to view her work in progress from different angles.  Client is happy and continues to enjoy painting!

Card Holder
Request:  The client needed a card holder for playing "Texas Hold Em" as she had difficulty holding the playing cards.  Could we help?

Solution:  The volunteer designed a new and improved version of the card holder.  The client was very happy and reported that the new card holder helped her win $140!  The client and her group of friends were impressed at how simple it is but how well it worked.  

Table Mounted Book or Document Holder
Request:  The client needed something to assit with reading books as she was unable to hold the books upright herself for long periods of time.

Solution:  The volunteer designed a table-top book holder that is secured in place to ensure the book will not move or slide while someone is reading.  Using the secured table-top design; this also enables the client to use cook books while preparing meals for her family.  The book holder can easily be removed; if the client needs the table for family dinners, etc.


Hill Walker for Hiking

Request:  The client needed something to assist with hiking and walking in nature; such as a "walking stick" to provide support and help with balancing while enjoying the great outdoors.  Could we help?

Solution:  The Hill Walker was created by using two canes and attaching a lightweight piece of aluminum to hold the canes together.  This provides support and helps maintain balance while hiking.  Each cane moves independently and the lightweight frame enables long walks without creating extra weight for the user.  The client loves the Hill Walker and is enjoying nature every chance she gets.


Tilting Feeding & Activity Chair

Request: Special-needs little boy needed a tilting feeding/activity chair with head and trunk support and growing room all around.

Solution: A recycled 'zippie' child's cahir frame was aquired and matched up with baltic birch sides/seat/back to provide the basis for the chair. Adjustable foot support was added, along with a complete head support from another recycled chair. Foam mats were cut and trimmed to provide cushioning. These were provided in layers to allow for simple expansion of the chair width as he grows. The back is fully adjustable in steps.  

Book Page Turner
Request: After building a desk for her C.N.I.B. reader, the client requested some way of turning pages manually and holding them down. 

Solution: An over-hung parallelogram frame was assembled from aluminium channel, U.H.M.W. 1/2" X 1" bars, assorted #10 fasteners and no-glare glazing. A long handle was added to provide easy reach and convert push-pull into up and down of the plastic cover. 
Spring-loaded chopsticks with a kneadable eraser for grip provided the page contact and turning. 
​Hold-down was attached to client's new desk and her reading can continue.  


Choir Seat for Singer

Request: Client needed a seat/ support to continue his choral career. He also used a cane to get around, on occasion. 

Solution: ​A heavy-duty folding walker from Sally-Ann was fitted with a 3/4" maple ply seat. Two clips hold the seat for travel, along with two-use bungee cord: 
When folded, the walkerprovides cane-like support. Set-up the singer can take a load off his back. 

Accessible Picnic & Activity Table
Request:  WANTED - A facility needed an accessible, all-inclusive picnic table.  Could we help?

Solution:  By eliminating physical barriers, this universally accessible picnic table allows people with or without a disability to sit together in every venue it is placed.  Our goal is to have Accessibility Tables installed in parks, businesses, shopping areas, community sites and senior facilities in Ontario...and beyond.  The City of Toronto is a supporter of the Accessibility Table.


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