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Modified Power Charger
Power Charger 2016_Camp.jpg
Request: The camp lost the power charger provided with a hoyer; modified for their use last year (previous project from May 2015).  Could we help?

Solution: A new upgraded power unit was purchased and rewired to provide battery top up for the two-battery control pack originally supplied.  Simple instructions allow easy use of the hoyer controls.

Master Control Board

Request: The client, who only has limited movement of his head and neck muscles to control his environment needed an improved system for mounting and using his multiple remote controls and emergency night time call button. 

Solution: This was a joint solution designed and fabricated by two DesignAbility volunteers. One volunteer wired the two outer wires of an RJ45 plug to a sip'n puff switch and fastened this to the clients bedside table. The second volunteer redesigned the mounting board to secure the controllers at an optimum angle and include a parking spot for the mouth stick. This joint effort resulted in a client who is happily in control.

Cell Phone Pedestal

Request: The client could only use her trunk and head, but wanted comfortable cell phone access while seated at her kitchen table.  Could we help?

Solution: Niagara Chapter Volunteer Don Mackenzie designed and built a weighted pedestal which uses a rubber sticky pad to fix the cell phone in place.  The position of the phone was adjustable and the phone was removable from the pad.  The client was able to maintain a healthy posture while operating her cell phone.

​Reading Right

Reading Light.png
Request: A client with limited vision was having difficulty holding a book and using a magnifier at the same time.  Could we help?

Solution: volun​​teer Bruce Thomson produced a wooden arm that fastens to a tilting table tray at one end and can hold and position a magnifying glass at the other.  This solution maximizes the amount of enlarged text which can be read at one time.

Holder for Door Remote Control

Request: The client has limited use of one arm and requested that a holder for his remote be attached to the top of his bedcover for use at night. The holder had to be removable and easy to install on different materials without damaging them. It also had to endure a great deal of use and potential dropping from caregivers.

Solution: The solution is constructed of 3/4" plywood that has short ribs of oak and loop of leather which holds the remote. The fastening solution is with magnets. Two rare earth magnets are inset in the plywood and a sheet of steel is placed under the top bedcover. The holder can now be magnetically claped to the bedcover. The holder can be easily removed by using the leverage formed against the pull of the magnets which are placed only at one end.

Note: The volunteer recommends making a model of the remote when designing a holder so that the remote does not get dammaged.

​Keyboard Desk Tray

Keyboard Arm Rests & Customized Mouse Pad

 0907sarahJANEarmrests 001.jpg    ​ 0907sarahJANEarmrests 005.jpg

0907sarahJANEarmrests 003.jpg 
​​Request: Client needed arm rests installed in order to utilize her keyboard efficiently.  She uses the computer a lot for work and leisure and requires the arm support.

Solution: DesignAbility was able to use market arm rests which were installed on the sides of the pullout keyboard drawer.  We also built and installed a custom mouse pad which is placed in the bottom-middle of the keyboard to accomodate the clients needs.

Customized Keyboard Drawer
Request: Client is very hard on his keyboard so needs it to be 4-1/2" below the desktop. 

Solution: ​Using assorted baltic birch plywood, and 75# X 10" drawer sliders, a very substantial keyboard/ mouse drawer was constructed to attach below the existing desktop. 

Wall Mount for Smart Phone

phone_holder1.jpg     phone_holder2.jpg 

Request: York campus Dimes office requested a wall-mounting for a student's smart phone. 

Solution: ​1/4" and 3/4" baltic birch plywood strips made up the floor-supported wall-attached arm. 1/8" lexan was formed to make two halves of an adjustable phone clamp. Oak blocks, 1/4" threaded rod, knobs and nut, and brass swivel block completed the assembly. 
Client is now able to use her phone directly while lying in her bed. The phone can be easily removed for her daily on-campus activities. 

Recharger & Battery Jumper for Lifting Chair

Request: Client had lost the recharger for his lifting-chair. As well, the batteries had died. 

Solution: ​Using a bank of normally-open switch blocks, a 3-position selector switch and misc. electrical wire and ends, a charging/power set was assembled. A battery-jumper charger completed the set. The unit was attached with 1-1/2" Aluminium angle. 

Mounted Phone List for Over-the-Bed table

Request: After increasing the stability of her hospital over-the-bed table, she wished for a new phone list holder that was slanted and not shiny. 

Solution: ​Using 1/4" almond corro-plast, matte-finish 1/8" glazing acrylic and chicago fasteners, the holder was assembled. It was mounted underneath the table with #10 pan-head screws and seems quite satisfactory for now! 

Communication Aid (Mounted to Chair or Wheelchair)

​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​ ​ ​​​​​​​​

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