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I am SO 'RELEIVED' to find that there is an Organization -- YOURS, that has info re this syndrome. I am 72 yrs old (closer to 73) a female and a senior. I had Polio in l949, age l4 yrs at that time. 

My polio was considered -- a mild case -- I do not remember much of that summer. I had just finished writing my grade nine final exams the last week of June. I came home from the final exam and don't remember anything after being diagnosed by our Family Doctor as having Polio.  I was in bed all that summer until middle of August (when our Jr. High Final Exam Results were received.  The Hospitals were FULL and since my case was considered a 'light one' I remained in bed at home for about six weeks. The only "TREATMENT" I received was 'Shots' of one of the VACCINES’ that were being tried at that time.  I don't recall the names of these. 

At present, I have symptoms of FATIGUE, Weak Muscles and at times -- Severe PAIN in the Spine, especially in the neck & on down to the middle of my spine (between the shoulders). There seems to be nothing I can do to relieve this pain & muscle soreness EXCEPT take Tylenol (extra strength) and to GO and Lay down & Rest (sometimes for 2 or 3 hours.)  I find this MOST ANNOYING and I feel so USELESS.  Also I am VERY RESTRICTED in the amount of housework/cleaning etc., I am able to do.  I find this 'MOST ANNOYING!!!!'And am wondering if maybe I'm imagining' that there is something not quite right with my mind.  ANY INFO you can give to ENLIGHTEN me would be a GREAT RELIEF, as I am not READY to GIVE-UP or feel sorry for myself.

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