Joy Anne Jury



We were delighted to read in the Winnipeg Free Press of your continued interest in Polio. I have battled with the effects of this disease for 62 yrs. I contracted Polio in 1944 (3 yrs. old). It started with a severe pain in my neck and down my right side; fever; and weakness; and after a while; my foster parents began to notice my right foot twisting; I was beginning to walk on the outside edge of it, with the foot turning inwards. Then the cords underneath began to constrict and it became what I hear is a club foot. At that time my parents did not know I had polio; and took me to the hospital thinking I just had a very bad Flu.

Then, when I was seen at Children's Hosp. Winnipeg, (on N.Main & Redwood); in Outpatients Dept. for C.A.S. children; A Dr. Deacon scheduled me for surgery. I wore casts all summer, to try and keep the foot more straight. The right leg thinned considerable; it did not grow properly; and am now 1 and 3/4 " short in that leg. When I was 13, the same Dr. did a Triple Arthrodesis on that foot - more casts... and I could walk with the foot flat. But after a while the toes started to curl again - and nail pins were inserted through the tip of each toe; and it fused them.  After a while I developed severe streptococcus infection in the toes and lost three of them... and they took the bone out of the little one.

I was affected by Post Polio Syndrome when I was around 38 yrs. old; and experienced a lot of fatigue; muscle weakness; and pain. I have finally reached a plateau and have managed to keep going since. I feel my foot needs attention again; but there aren't many orthopedic doctors in Brandon; none that I know of; and Winnipeg is 2 hours away.

Thanks for hearing my story. There is much more; but maybe too long for here.

Joy Anne Jury
Brandon, Manitoba

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