Judy Zwanko


  1. How old were you when you contracted polio?
    1947 at 7 years old.

  2. Was it paralytic polio? If so, did you have any permanent effects?
    Was paralyzed from the neck down. Judy had to wear a built up leather shoe for a little while on her right foot.

  3. When were you diagnosed with post-polio syndrome?
    No, not really but has read about it.

  4. What do you want people to know about post-polio syndrome?
    There are so many people who are in their 60’s to 90’s that had Polio. There was research about how Polio was not actually a syndrome. Judy feels that the ones who survived from Polio are type “A” personalities who fought and are determined. She has noticed that most people who have survived are successful. Wet Woolen folments were used to help. Dr. Deacon’s shoe was built up about 6-9 inches because his leg deteriorated so much from Polio. She believes in God and prayer. She remembers there being a breakfast radio show on in Winnipeg with Don Mcneil “Each in his own words, each in his own way, bow your head and let us pray” – She will remember this always. Talks about Bloorview McMillan – 350 Rumsey Road, he was also a Polio Survivor. She slept on the floor because they said that the floor was better for her spine.

    Wants to tell her story about built up shoe; at 8 years old, she went skating. After skating she had to walk home a mile and was tired of wearing her built up shoes. She put them in a paper bag and dug a hole in the ground. She buried her shoes and walked home. Once she got home her mommy asked her "Judith Anne Mcevoy, where are your shoes?" Judy told her mommy that her shoes were gone. Judy’s mommy told her that her “Daddy has worked very hard for your shoes and you are to march right back to the skating rink and dig up your shoes. “” The man in charge of the skating rink saw Judy crying and asked her if she needed help. She took her shoes out of the paper bag and brought them back home.

    People who have had Polio are survivors
    Eat well
    Love your friends
    And celebrate your creator in any way you can because they are your friends.

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