Robert A. Hunt


  1. How old were you when you contracted polio?
    1 year old – maybe even a bit less.

  2. Was it paralytic polio? If so, did you have any permanent effects?
    He had infantile paralysis on the back of his right leg. It pulled his foot all out of shape as a result. It affected Robert’s right arm – he has grown up with his right arm being shorter. He points to something and his brain thinks that he is pointing at something else when it is not what he wants to point at. One foot is 9 men’s the other is 5 and a half. In 1970 received orthopedics.

  3. When were you diagnosed with post-polio syndrome?
    No he has never been diagnosed. Has had asthma as well as arthritis. Before 21 had 2 major operations first was that they reconstructed the foot to make it look more like a foot. The second operation was the removal of 3 inches of his femur which offset his knees. On the right side of his eye the bottom of his eye lid turned in – this happened around a year ago.

  4. What do you want people to know about post-polio syndrome?
    Has been able to live with everything that he has had without very many problems. The best way to keep going is the attitude. Robert is very low key and keeps a lot of things inside.

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