F.C.'s Story



(in this 2008 interview, F. uses speech, gestures and makes choices to tell his story)

What Happened to Me

Image of F.C., a YDAC client"Stroke 2.5 years ago …"at home …night ..in sleep…2 a.m. [my wife] called 911. Went to hospital…don't remember. 1st memory - 3 days later."

"Right-hand side - no feeling. After stroke - nothing. Now - a little"

"Not able to work. 7 months on disability. Can't work"

How Aphasia Affects Me

"No communication. To go out, it's so-so…frustrating. Harder to be friendly."

"Understanding others … harder"

"Before…read technical books. Now…no reading."

"Before..a lot of writing .. work reports. Now…write name, addresses"

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