J.H.'s Story



(in this 2007 interview, J. uses speech to tell his story)

What Happened to Me

Image of J.H.On July12, 2001, I had a stroke in my home. It has changed my life forever.

When I was having my stroke, I did not feel any pain. Later, I learned that I was not expected to live I was hospitalized for five months in total.....

…I have very little feeling in my right arm and am unable to use it. My right leg is the same but it is better than my arm. I am able to walk with a cane. …

My speech has improved the most. Despite my many improvements I am unable to return to work…...

How Aphasia Affects Me

…My stroke has affected my handwriting because it was on my right side.

The computer is our way of writing clearly and legible. The computer is also the way I keep in touch with colleagues from my old place of work by e-mailing.

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