Skill Sessions & Activities

Aphasia and Communication Disability Programs provides group activities that are adult-oriented and spark communication among participants. 

Our clients practice and develop specific communication skills such as: 

  • speech
  • listening comprehension
  • reading and writing
  • alternate ways to communicate

Skill sessions and activity groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and students under staff supervision.

Examples of Skill Sessions and Activities

Music for Communication
Clients with aphasia who have lost their spoken language can often still sing


  • move to music
  • play instruments
  • and discuss musical memories

Art for Communication

Art class 
Clients with aphasia can develop artistic skills to express themselves​.

Reading is usually impacted by aphasiaReading ability varies among clients. 

Some clients can read short phrases
Others are able to read short passages with support.

Writing is impacted by aphasia.
Writing can be impacted by the necessity of using the non-dominant hand.

Clients are encouraged to write as much as possible.

All clients work on mechanical writing and some clients tackle creative writing.

Public Speaking
Public speaking is a skill many clients have lost. Our programs help them to:

  • plan a speech
  • think on their feet and
  • gain confidence in public situations.

Cards and Games

Card games 
Cards and games provide clients with an opportunity to teach or learn from others and understand and apply a set of rules.

Communicating about Food
Fruits and vegetablesCommunication about food allows clients to use the tactile senses and the language of food.

iPad Learning Groups
The iPad learning groups provide clients and their families with an opportunity to use the iPad as a tool to assist communication.



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