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For Applicants

Assistive Devises Program Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) ADP - Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the Assistive Devices Program application process and eligibility criteria have been compiled into this resource for quick reference. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please feel free to contact us!

ADP thumbnail image Appointing a Designate

The Assistive Devices Program recognizes that some individuals need assistance with completing the application process. This resource helps you determine whether you may need to ask someone for assistance and gives suggestions as to who might be a good Designate for you.


ADP Funding Resources (PDF) Alternative Funding Resources Adults​

The Assistive Devices Program is a Program of last resort. All Applicants must exhaust sources available through other organizations or programs before being considered eligible. If equipment costs exceed the budget available from the Assistive Devices Program this resource may lead you to an organization that offers potential funding opportunities.

For Healthcare Professionals

Sample ADP Assessment Resources Document (PDF)

Sample ADP Assessment Resource Document​ 
Applicants to the Assistive Devices Program must submit a letter of assessment from a Health Care Professional.  This resource demonstrates the type of documentation necessary and the level of detail that is required by the Program.


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