Career Placement Support Services

March of Dimes provides a special, consultative service to job seeking clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their networking strategy and their resume highlights their attributes, abilities, relevant experience and accomplishments. The objective is to secure an interview based on the employer’s perception that the client’s attributes align with the employer’s highest priority needs.

Career Placement Support Services offers the following menu of services.

Resume Review and Enhancement

For clients with a resume, we will provide a brief consultation to help the client update the style and content to reflect what’s working in the labour market today

  • Resume Critique and enhancement
  • Development of new resume and cover letters
  • Analysis of candidate attributes and match to target employer high priority needs
  • Selection of appropriate references
  • How to manage on-line applications

Development of a New, Customized Resume Package

Many clients do not have a resume, usually because they have enjoyed extended employment. This service is in-depth and provides step be step guidance and support.

Consultation with the Candidate

  • Phone or in-person consultation to critique and enhance current resume and/or to develop a new package
  • Analysis of  candidate’s work history, education, skills and attributes in relation to candidate’s career goal
  • Analysis of candidate’s profile versus known labour market and employer needs within the candidates occupation
  • Identification of key candidate attributes that align with employer and labour market needs and the evidence to present in an interview
  • Selection of resume style and format

Design, Development and Content

  • Choose the most effective contact strategy for the candidate’s career goal. Consider traditional resume, cover letter and use of social media
  • Develop content based on consultation with the candidate

Review and Feedback 

  • Maintain contact with candidate to ensure accuracy of and comfort with content
  • Ensure content represents candidates key attributes and is presented in a way that the candidate can validate with credible evidence from their work, educational and life history
  • Ensure candidate can effectively utilize social media channels (if utilized)

 Resume and Contact Package

  • Provision of printed and on-line copies of cover letter, resume and social media content (if using)
  • Free update service for minor changes

Reference Check

Most clients do not know what their references will say when called by a prospective employer. We will contact references, ask the typical questions employers ask and provide the client with feedback so she can make sure she has the right references in place and that they know what to say about her skills and abilities.

Follow Along Support

Ongoing support can be provided based on the client’s needs:

  • Access to a computer to revise and target cover letter and resume to particular employers
  • Vocational advice to help the client customize their strategy and resume
  • Supported job search provided by a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist.

Service Menu

Service Estimated Time
Resume Review and Enhancement One to three hours
Development of New, Custom Resume package Three to six hours
Reference check One hour
Follow Along Support Variable

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Francis Fung, National Manager, Rehabilitation and Training Services at 1-855-803-4999 ext. 4323​.​​​​​

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