Employment Focused Services

March of Dimes Canada works closely with many employers to develop opportunities for permanent employment and for employer based vocational rehabilitation services.

Employer Based Assessments, Work Hardening and  Work Trials

Many clients can benefit from a period of real work with a carefully selected employer. Programs are individually designed to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Accurately assess functional work capacity
  • Build up physical tolerance
  • Learn adaptive strategies for pain management and identify ergonomic solutions
  • Assess suitability and interest for a particular job
  • Acquire real work experience and skills (and a reference)
  • Position the client for paid employment

Service Description

  • Service duration is from 6-12 weeks, based on client needs
  • Staff keep in close and regular contact, often spending extended time on site to set up, implement and monitor the program

Job Placement

March of Dimes Canada contacts hundreds of employers every day. We work with employers to develop a large variety of good quality jobs. Lots of jobs mean many more opportunities for job seekers and employers to make long lasting employment matches.

Our labour market presence means we know where the jobs are and what employers’ high priority hiring needs are. We help job seekers to target jobs where they have a better than average chance of becoming employed based on their skills, our reputation as a provider of good quality job applicants and on the preparation for an interview we provide to the job seeker.

March of Dimes Canada also provides three related services of Job Search Training, Supported Job Search, and Job Development.

Job Search Training

Our objective is to assist our clients to develop confidence and the necessary skills to undertake an effective job search.

Service Description

  • Flexible, module based training that can be customized for each job seeker
  • In class or one to one programs are available depending upon where the client lives
  • Program incorporates up to date skills and information on resume preparation, interview skills, networking for jobs, use of on-line resources
  • In class program is two weeks, five half days per week
  • One to one programs accommodate clients’ particular situation

Supported Job Search

Looking for work takes perseverance, motivation, commitment and patience, especially in a tough labour market. Our objective is to help our clients avoid discouragement, to keep up their energy and motivation and to secure the best job possible as quickly as possible.

Service Description

  • Individualized assistance to help the job seeker plan and implement an effective job search
  • We keep in regular contact to make sure the job seeker’s resume, cover letter, research and interview preparation always presents the job seeker at their best and is matched to each employer targeted
  • We help the job seeker to keep up their motivation with regular support and fresh approaches to contacting employers
  • Typically, initial service commitment is for three months

Job Development

Every day, we contact employers to secure job opportunities. We focus on the hidden job market to secure opportunities where there is limited competition. This enables us to present our clients when the employer is most wiling to be flexible and open to the placement solutions and service we can offer.

  • Every client we serve has access to our Employer Job Catalogue and the many jobs opportunities, many from the hidden job market
  • Each motivated job seeker will receive focused attention from our job developers to identify available jobs in their target labour market

Staff Credentials

Employer and Client Coordinators (ECC)have two specialties. Some provide vocational counseling and support. These staff are Registered Rehabilitation Professionals. ECC’s who focus on job development receive state of the art training and support through a specially designed program, Employment Outcomes Professional. This program combines consultative, business relationship building skills with a focus on the vocational rehabilitation needs of our clients.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Francis Fung, National Manager, Rehabilitation and Training Services at 1-855-803-4999 ext. 4323​.​


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