Psycho-Vocational Assessment

Assessment Description

A psycho-vocational assessment (PVA) addresses all aspects of a vocational evaluation. It also evaluates the client’s learning competencies, general personality characteristics, current emotional status, general intelligence quotient, motivation and social skills to identify the potential impact of these metrics on the client’s ability to participate in training and retur​n to work. The PVA is particularly useful for determining potential for success when considering skills retraining, longer-term educational programs or if the client has emotional or pain concerns.

Outcome of the Assessment

The outcome of the psycho-vocational assessment is to identify suitable and realistic occupational options for the client including wage information and market availability for each identifi ed goal. To achieve the occupational options identifi ed a client may require little or no additional training or a longer term vocation specifi c training through a college or apprenticeship program for example.

Assessment Length

The client attends a one or two day assessment of up to 8 hours that accommodates their individual physical tolerances. The report will be completed in 5 business days.

Assessor Credentials

A Registered Psychologist conducts or oversees the clinical testing, interpret/review the assessment results, and make relevant recommendations. The psychologist may be assisted by a qualified secondary assessor such as a psychometrist or a psychological associate.​

To arrange for an assessment, please call:
1-855-803-4999 ext. 4321

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