Currency Collection Program


MODC Multi-Currency Coin Collection CanDo you have currency from another country and you are wondering w​hat to do with it? 

Just back from another trip or vacation with extra change but no way to spend it? 

Still have the penny jar on the counter?

March of Dimes Canada can help you, while you help others. Your donation through the Currency Collection program will assist children and adults who live with disabilities.


Visit a Continental Currency Exchange location near you or one of our other program partners to donate your extra currency today!
Continental Currency Exchange


 Currency Collection Locations

* Donations may also be dropped off at all March of Dimes Canada offices.​

For more information or inquiries contact:
Dennis R. Ullman
Associate Director, Special Events and Community Relations
March of Dimes Canada
1-800-243-3463 ext.7300 


Consider these facts:

  • There is approximately $745 million in foreign currency, and over $200 million in Canadian pennies alone still in circulation
  • Over $1 billion Canadian Tire money in Canada today

The impact of similar programs:

  • Tim Horton's collected $7.2 million through their coin collection program (including over 120 different currencies)
  • LCBO collected $8.2 million through their program in 2013

... Your coins can add up to a lot of money to help change lives!

Impact of your donation

YOU can change lives by supporting programs and services that maximize the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with disabilities. 

Stack of Pennies5,000 pennies = $50 that helps a stroke survivor participate in a peer support group

12,000 pennies = $120 that helps a child participate in one week of the Conductive Education Program where they are taught skills and techniques to help them overcome the challenges of their disabilities. 

25,000 pennies = $250 that helps fund a Youth Life Skills Workshop Program which is dedicated to increasing independence in young people age 19 to 24 years.

36,000 pennies = $360 that helps with the cost of a manual wheelchair achieved through the Assistive Devices Program which helps people buy, repair and maintain equipment such as wheelchairs.

​Your simple act of kindness means that someone, perhaps even a family member, friend or neighbour can have a better life. On behalf of the people who will benefit from your kind generosity, thank you.

​Donate today!

Visit one of our Program Partners

Continental Currency Exchange 
Ultimate Currency Exchange 
Currency Converters 
Resorts of Ontario
Global Coin Solutions Logo 
London Currency exchange
Kin Canada

For More Information Contact:

Dennis R. Ullman
Associate Director, Special Events and Community Relations
March of Dimes Canada
1-800-243-3463 ext.7300 


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