Anna Bauer-Ross

Anna Bauer-Ross

Anna Bauer-Ross, stroke survivor
“You never know what can happen in your life… I started the day with a 5K run on the beach with my dog!

My stroke story begins on a beautiful island in the Bahamas.  I was there enjoying a much-needed vacation with my two children and my pet when the unimaginable happened.  I was struck by a massive brain stem stroke. The next few days were chaotic and frightening, not just for me, but for my family, too.  Airlifted back to Canada, doctors in a Toronto hospital worked diligently to save my life. At the age of 36, I now had to learn even the basics because the stroke had also caused a severe left side neuropathy and even damaged my vocal chords.  My days of being a busy mom, carpooling, and taking my children to their sporting events were now replaced with learning how to conquer the most elementary tasks:  learning how to walk, write, and even see.  

Getting My Life Back Together… 

I decided I wasn’t about to let stroke dictate my life and define me as a person.  After all, I did survive and now it was up to me to take it to the next level.  I owed it to my family and to myself.  Having a positive attitude and the help of my family and my peers in Stroke Recovery Canada® made all the difference! 

Thanks to Your Support — Stroke Recovery Canada® is there for me and for so many others. 

Each year, 50,000 strokes occur in Canada…that’s one stroke every ten minutes.  It’s through your generous support of March of Dimes Canada that a program like Stroke Recovery Canada® is there to help stroke survivors move past their disabilities and achieve independence, confidence, and the ability to overcome their fears.  

How Far Your Recovery Will Go Is Up To You! The Importance of Stroke Recovery Canada®.
It’s been five years since my stroke, and I am so thrilled to be here today to tell you that I am living a full, active life!  Thanks to Stroke Recovery Canada® I am blessed to be back as a hands-on parent to my two teenage girls, all the while attending classes, applying for admittance in a full-time college program, and volunteering with March of Dimes Canada’s Peers Fostering Hope Program, a local network of support. 

I am here today to let you know that your ongoing support is critical in ensuring this valuable program continues for people like me and the other 300,000 Canadians who are living with the effects of stroke. 

You Can Get By With A Little Help From Friends. 

My work as a volunteer with this program has been so rewarding.  I’ve been where these survivors are and I’ve come out the other side.  To have others around you who can provide hope at a time when all else seems scary and uncertain makes a huge difference in the transition back to home, to loved ones, and to daily life in the community.  Stroke Recovery Canada® helps give stroke survivors back their dignity and self-esteem. 

Stay Active…Get Involved…Remain Motivated 

I always say recovery never ends.  I find there are things I can do now that I couldn’t do six months ago. Stroke recovery is a journey.  The key to my recovery has been to understand the importance of medication maintenance, staying active with the help of my family, and doing all that I can to stay committed to my recovery. I am so grateful to Stroke Recovery Canada® for allowing me to share these lessons with fellow survivors. I am hoping today that you can help in your own way, too. 

Anna Bauer-Ross

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