Eric Kipping

Eric Kipping MODC Conductive Education Halifax participant

Eric Kipping, MODC Conductive Education Halifax participant.

"​I had a bad stroke in ​January, 2012 which paralyzed my left side, confining me to a wheelchair. I have been living​ in Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital Building, Halifax since February 2012. The care we get is very good but I thought the physio did not meet my needs and wishes to recover my lost abilities. My daughter discovered Conductive Education and I started attending in June, 2012. The head conductor, Beth Lynch, has caused me to have hope. She has trained me to demonstrate my formerly latent ability to move my arm and my leg, turn my body over, and to stand up! This raised my hopes enormously and helps my morale significantly. Beth is understanding and gentle and she accurately guesses my mood and feelings every time, so never hurts me in any way. The facilities are perfectly adequate for what is taught. I enjoyed the summer sessions so much that I enrolled for two sessions a week for the Fall term."

Eric Kipping
Stroke Survivor &
MODC Conductive Education participant


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