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Personal Stories

We make a difference in the lives of thousands of people every year. Read just some of their stories here:

Tony Barros​
“There was a time when I thought my life was over… A massive stroke hit me out of the blue and plunged me into a six-year nightmare. … Today I have so much to look forward to in my life.”

Ambrose & Margaret Grand
The support of the March of Dimes workers is incredibly important to my parents, my brothers, and I. We're so thankful for the care offered by the entire team of March of Dimes workers.

Camille Garcia
Camille Garcia, daughter of our Senior Manager of Human Resources, Shirley Marie Garcia undertook a personal fundraising campaign to collect pennies on behalf of March of Dimes.

Zachary Rayment
Since starting the CE program in January 2011, Zach has learned to spell his name, sit up without support, walk with a walker and even pedal a bike.

Gloria Miller
The staff at 25 Glen Hawthorne has been professional, kind and caring.

Jim Mitchell
As March of Dimes celebrates its 61st birthday this month, my family celebrates the life of my brother. 

Children, like three-year-old Nico, and their families depend on March of Dimes every day.

Marilyn Sherman
Toronto, Ontario resident Marilyn Sherman was 52 years old when she had her stroke just over seven years ago.

Alex Chiasson
"We strongly believe that Alexander has by-passed surgery on his hips and legs due to Conductive Education®."

Lilly Sonnenfeld
Within only three days of beginning the Conductive Education program, Lilly took her first six steps.

Tina Bickell
“I decided that I needed to stay positive and believe that I could get better. And … I have.”

Jeff Wolfenden
After experiencing a stroke, Jeff's now shares his story to encourage and show other survivors that they can make notable strides in their stroke recovery.

Ian Kee
Ian is a very brave youngster with cerebral palsy who – thanks to Conductive Education – has already overcome enormous obstacles.

Agnes Faraci
Agnes Faraci has been supporting March of Dimes and its Post-Polio Canada® program for over ten years.

Theresa Fitzgibbon
“I know firsthand how important employment is to your independence and confidence – and everybody has something special to offer.”

Beatrice (Bee) Berthiaume
"March of Dimes is a great organization and the North Clinics program is really doing amazing things."

Trina Washington
“I really believe I would not have had the privilege of having my work life continue as successfully as it has, and be able to have this amazing job were it not for March of Dimes.”

Kalea Davies
"I cannot imagine where Kalea would be today without the support of the conductors who work with our daughter." - Michelle Davies (Kalea’s mother)

Devon Stoyka
"Anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

Don Lambert
Training for and launching a new career

Brittany and Jesse McKay
Home modifications to help 2 young sisters

Derek Watters
“March of Dimes personnel have brought about a significantly positive transformation in me.”

“Gisele believes that tomorrow she can and will be better than she is today. “

Michael Douglas
“Through the March of Dimes, I’ve learned the skills necessary to efficiently manage my day to day life.”

Caitlin Bovée
"When I tell people that I had a stroke just over one year ago, they don’t believe me. They say I’m too young, because I’m only 26."

Cathy Blanchfield
"We are here to help people figure out their lives, offer social activities and a friendly ear."

"…CE has provided a safe and nurturing environment for my child to grow, mature and develop into the best person he can be."

"His words and comprehension have exploded. He just lights up with pride when he accomplishes something, and at CE it seems that every day he does something even better than the day before."

Joan Hobbs
Joan Hobbs was awarded the 2011 March of Dimes Rt. Honourable Paul Martin Sr. Award. ​​​​​​

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