Melissa Kitchen

Melissa Kitchen MODC Conductive Education participant

Melissa Kitchen, MODC Conductive Education participant.
"Melissa has cerebral palsy and a cognitive disability. She has been attending Conductive Education sessions for at least 7 years. She did not start until she was in her twenties and had long been “discharged” from any therapy programs she was in as a child, (Not that she was interested in formal conventional therapy programs anyway nor were any available to her).  Her abilities were beginning to recede.
The team at Conductive Education has created a climate where Melissa has taken ownership of her health and accepts the importance of trying for independent purposeful movements. Several times Melissa has been able to impress a care agency with her abilities when they wanted to change the nature of their services to her. Without the team at Conductive Education and their belief in Melissa to make progress with agreed upon goals and careful documentation of the outcomes at the end of each session, her life would have been diminished.
We live outside Toronto, but one day a week, three sessions a year is devoted to Conductive Education. Over the years Melissa has had many conductors.  She is happy for a short break when a session ends but looks forward to reconnecting with the conductors and setting and achieving new goals.
As parents we are delighted with the impact conductive education has on Melissa’s well being…both physical and emotional. There is no other activity Melissa participates in that has such a positive impact on her life. For that we are very grateful.​"

Melanie  Kitchen
Mother of Adult CE participant


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