Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, MODC Conductive Education client with Acquired Brain Injury
A big thank you to conductive education.

We heard, from a family friend who has a daughter with special needs, about the great works happening at conductive education at the March of Dimes on Overlea Blvd.

We applied and our son Michael began going to sessions that were once a week for 10 weeks at a time.

When we began,  Michael had great difficulty putting his right heel down and this impacted his ability to walk, his sense of balance and caused back pain. Michael's right hand was contracted severely and was of no practical use, his speech was often impeded by stuttering and mispronunciation.

Michael has gone through traditional therapy for all these ailments and had reached the point where progress was no longer happening.

He began conductive ed and the improvement over the first 10 week session was phenomenal.

Now, after numerous sessions, his heel easily comes down to weight bear improving his mobility. His right hand can now grasp a water bottle so that his left hand can unscrew the cap. His speech is smoother and more clearly understood.

We have entrusted the staff at conductive education to help our most vulnerable child. They have succeeded beyond our hopes.

A big thanks from Linda, Ken and especially Michael

Linda Smith
Mother of Michael Smith
CE Adult Program participant with Acquired Brain Injury

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