Michael Douglas

MODC Testimonial


Michael was hit by a drunk driver while walking home August 20, 2000. He sustained catastrophic injuries as a result of the accident. (Closed head injury, left leg below-knee amputation, aortic tear, multiple fractures)

Michael reached a stage in his rehabilitation where he was able to finish High School after which he made two attempts to attend college. Both attempts were cut short by medical problems, and he reported limitations related to his cognitive, physical and emotional status. Michael is working to overcome erratic mood changes, anxiety, organizational problems and impulsivity. He has a wonderful sense of humor which has enabled him to cope with his injuries and to find light in the darkest of times.

Ontario March of Dimes, in the summer of 2005 began providing rehabilitation services to Michael.  Under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist, Michael now regularly meets with an Ontario March of Dimes Rehabilitation Worker to continue to work on his goals to increase his independence. 

Since the accident Michael has become a spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and other local organizations against drunk driving. He makes numerous speaking engagements every month (even though he is still limited by his injuries) and is very active in his attempts to warn of the dangers of drunk driving and their consequences. Michael spends as much of his free time as possible playing and practicing the guitar, a talent he developed during his rehabilitation. He prefers to play hard rock, however he is very talented and is unafraid of trying new things and writing his own music. Michael is also an avid movie fan who takes pride in his collection of films as well as his knowledge of movies. ​​

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