Nico age three.

Children, like three-year-old Nico, and their families depend on March of Dimes every day. Nico was a surviving twin, born prematurely, putting him at risk for many complications. He was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy about seven months after leaving the hospital. With this diagnosis, his parents knew that it would be a long struggle to help their son live the best life possible. Things that other parents take for granted would be a challenge for their family. It’s hard to imagine how devastated his parents were when they heard the news.

I’m so glad that we at March of Dimes can help families like Nico’s. Our programs replace despair with hope and enable these children, through programs like Conductive Education®, to do things that once seemed impossible.

Nico’s Mom, Susan, says, "Our family was lucky enough to have met a Conductor early on who began to work with Nico when he was just a year old. He has developed such a great awareness from the program … learning to sit alone and hold onto a stable bar so that he can do activities with much less assistance. Nico has a strong desire to be physically active, and Conductive Education® is teaching him how to tell his muscles what to do to help him in taking steps and eating much more independently … Conductive Education® has changed the way we live."

 Nico  Nico


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