Ronald MacFeeters

Ronald and Diana MacFeeters

Ronald and Diana MacFeeters
December 5, 1914 - December 7, 2014
Ronald MacFeeters was a devoted husband, father and grandfather and long-term March of Dimes Canada supporter.
Ronald had been a donor for over ten years when his beloved wife Diana survived a stroke at 73-years-old in 1998. Her balance, mobility and ability to walk were all affected. After exhausting more traditional forms of rehabilitation, Diana began taking Conductive Education at March of Dimes Canada. Developed over sixty years ago in Hungary by Dr. András Peto, Conductive Education (CE) maximizes the independence and mobility of children and adults with disabilities like stroke survivors, and those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injuries, Parkinson's disease and spina bifida. CE operates from a core belief in neuroplasticity – the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences – and on the premise that no matter how severe the disability, people can learn and improve when they are motivated.
Ronald’s daughter Laura explains that CE made a huge difference to Diana, and that nothing was more valuable in helping her functionality, motivation, belief in her abilities and that further recovery was possible.
As a result of this more personal connection to March of Dimes, Ronald increased his support, including donating a fully-modified accessible van after Diana passed away in 2006. He frequently attended March of Dimes events and fundraisers, always remaining interested in seeing firsthand the causes he supported, and enjoying being active and out in his community.
In addition to his support of March of Dimes Canada, Ronald was an active volunteer, most notably as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Toronto for nearly 70 years, a member of the board of the Royal Ontario Museum and a member of Deer Park United Church.
As a result of Ronald’s passion, hundreds of people who have survived a stroke are more empowered, independent and supported. Ronald will be greatly missed, but has left a wonderful legacy to his family, friends and anyone who uses the services of March of Dimes Canada. We thank him so much.

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