Susan Cavanagh

Susan Cavanagh

Susan Cavanagh
Adult CE participant with Cerebral Palsy
MODC Conductive Education®  Conductors:

They work extremely hard to maintain professional consistency and are constantly pushing us to make even bigger strides. Furthermore, CE conductors allow participants to explore and try new things in a safe environment. The level of confidence the majority of conductors have is huge. They are always looking outside of the box, and creating new methods and activities to push us even further than before. From a physical view, it’s nice to see people constantly pushing you, stating “Yes, you can do it yourself” versus “No, you can’t because of your disability.

How the CE Program has benefited me:

I've benefited in multiple ways, physically and emotionally. My supervisor has even noted the difference in my productivity, because of my new fluidity, posture, and balance, since working in the CE sessions at March of Dimes. Not only is the program amazing, but the group as a whole (participants and staff) supports each other. Therefore, the CE program is not only physically beneficial, it’s socially valuable too. Everyone, from the staff to the participants, get  along so well, including in the summer program, which is extremely intensive. Speaking of the summer program, I benefit from these intensive classes every day. The changes may seem minimal to the “average” person, but to me, it’s huge! I've enjoyed the CE program so much, that I am constantly talking about it to others, and have even brought in another participant , who too has found the value in these classes. Finally, the availability of this program is great. It’s nice to know that we have an environment that doesn't stop at a specific age because many services elsewhere generally stop at 21 years.

Susan Cavanagh 
Adult CE participant with Cerebral Palsy​

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