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Over 65 Years and Still Marching. 1951-2016

Spare a little. Change a life.
Become a CHANGE CHAMPION today.

Canvass online by visiting and help make a difference in the life of a child or adult living with physical disabilities.

Volunteer, Employee and Community Awards

Every year, our employee, volunteer and community awards celebrate organizations and individuals who are working to build a more inclusive society. These people make a difference in the lives of thousands of Canadians living with a disability.

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Your Money at Work! - One stop opportunities for independence.

When contributing to March of Dimes Canada, you are helping:

  • Children and adults with neurological conditions that affect body movement and coordination
  • Peer support networks provide support and information resources
  • Provide a voice for people with disabilities that is heard at all levels of government

We believe that everyone, regardless of physical or financial limitations, has an equal right to be independent, to work and learn and be welcomed in their own community.

You can learn more about the progress we are making at Your Money at Work.

Where Your Money Goes

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"The Conductive Education® program has angels working on earth. The program is absolutely amazing and my two little girls would not be where they are today if we all didn't believe together."
Rita, mother of Conductive Education students Gisele and Sienna.