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March of Dimes Canada started as a group of mothers banding together to help fight polio. Since 1951, March of Dimes has worked to eradicate the threat of polio in Canada and provide support services to polio survivors through our Post-Polio Canada program. 

The Post-Polio Canada program has been shifted to be virtual (held online, by telephone and email) so you don’t have to miss it during the pandemic! We understand the social connection and resources provided by our programs have never been more important. Social distancing doesn't have to mean disconnection - our online programs will help you stay connected and engaged from the safety and comfort of your own home. MODC offers online programs and platforms for polio survivors and their loved ones, that connect you to a community of people who understand.

If you were previously attending this program in person and would like to participate in new virtual programming but you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch! 

We look forward to staying connected to you! 

Post-Polio Canada celebrates the success we've had in moving towards a world without polio, while still acknowledging the work yet to be done. ​The program works with peer support groups nationwide to connect polio survivors, share information and resources to polio survivors, and try to shine a light on the post-polio syndrome that some of them live with. 

"Our support group shares important information with one another, providing support for the similar health problems we're all experiencing. We help each other. We try to be active!"

Post-Polio program participant​​

The program also provides education for those unfamiliar with polio and resources to caregivers helping those with post-polio syndrome.

For those who are new to the program, registration information can be found below and you can find Post-Polio support groups near you by selecting the Post-Polio Support Groups link in the left-hand menu or by clicking here to access the page.


About Post-Polio​

Many Canadians believe that polio is merely a part of Canadian history – a forgotten disease. But for the thousands of Canadians living with the virus’ late effects in the form of post-polio syndrome, polio is a very real part of their lives.

There are approximately 31,000 Canadian polio survivors. Our Post-Polio Canada® program, helps provide education and support to polio survivors, their loved ones, caregivers and healthcare professionals across the country.   

Surviving polio can be a lifetime struggle - click here to hear a first hand account of what it's like. Produced in partnership with March of Dimes Canada. 

Share the video, share the information, get to know polio, so we will have no polio!

Four things you probably didn't know about Polio:
  1. It is still present in the world today.
  2. It can lead to a devastating syndrome called Post-Polio Syndrome in later life.
  3. You'd be surprised how many Canadian survivors there are; Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Donald Sutherland, just to name a few! 
  4. There are 31,000 Canadians living with the after effects of the disease today.
Click here to find out more about polio​, including what is polio, how it is transmitted, what the symptoms are, and how to be protected from getting polio.

Why join Post-Polio Canada?

You are not alone. Post-Polio Canada peer support groups offer a local network of support to survivors, families, friends, and caregivers.

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Latest News
Post-Polio Canada is committed to reporting on new research about the long-term needs of polio survivors and their family members. In addition to distributing information, we also offer resources on our website, conduct seminars, host conferences and produce publications.

Our Warmline connects you with staff and fellow polio survivors to listen, provide information and help you find whatever you may be looking for. Call the Warmline any time (non-emergency) at: 1-800-480-5903.

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